Help is just a click, call, or “tweet” away.
ZIPPI SHOPPING EXPRESS is an online shopping concept that puts
its focus on the local county, like the old hometown country store. We may
not have everything you want, but for now, we do provide the essentials.   
With ZIPPI SHOPPING EXPRESS you can find the things you need and want
and at the same time support your local community. In time we will offer products and
services from your local village, town and city. There are things you just can't find on
the big box ecommerce websites; but you can find them on Zippi Shopping Express.  
For those who like eBay, you are bound to like Zbay (Z for Zippi) where you can buy
and sell your stuff and make a little money. We will be offering qualified home
improvement services as well as many other local professional services.

Look for our Zippi Stores where you can find a wide range of new and like-new products
ranging from clothing, furniture, accessories and much more.

Keep checking back to our website because you will always find something new and
exciting for the whole family.
And since we mentioned family, at Zippi we will always
treat you like family.
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